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Friday, August 3rd at 6 p.m. – Livestock Pavilion

2017 Junior Livestock Auction Sale Bill

4-H and FFA Youth will offer over 100 quality animals (steers, lambs, goats, hogs, rabbits, and chickens) for auction to the highest bidder in a real, old-fashioned, live auction. Your support by attending and bidding will assist these young people in successfully completing their yearlong projects.

Please join us before for a free barbeque dinner sponsored by Cargill starting at 5 p.m. underneath the grandstands.

The auction will be managed by Burlington Livestock Exchange, Dennie and Charlene Flock.

Sale Order: Sheep, Rabbits, Poultry, Goat, Beef & Swine

What is it?

The Cheyenne County Fair Junior Livestock Sale is the climax of a year’s work and activities for 4-H and FFA Junior Exhibitors.

As a learning and business venture, these young men and women have selected, fed, and groomed one or more steer, lamb, goat, hog, pen of rabbits, or poultry. They have brought their project to the fair to be judged and sold.

The Cheyenne County Fair Junior Livestock Sale is their market place… and you… their prospective buyer!!!

Why Support?

Your purchase will help support a unique educational program for agriculture. These young men and women are learning to produce food for your table. They are also learning how to be in business for themselves, but at their age, their business is on a small scale and their costs are higher than the commercial producer. You can help them achieve success and ensure continued food production by supporting them now. The price you pay today encourages youth participation and is a small investment in the future of American Agriculture.

It is also a great way to advertise your business. Successful buyers who buy sale animals will be presented with a photograph of the exhibitor and their animal that can be displayed. Successful buyers will also be recognized in newspaper ads and next year’s fair book.

How it Works

During the Sale

The Sale will be held on Friday, August 3rd, 2018 at the Cheyenne County Fairgrounds Livestock Pavilion. When you attend the Sale as a prospective buyer, a sale catalog is available, listing animals in order of sale, their weights and owners. As each animal is led into the ring, the Auctioneer will ask for bids in dollars per pound. If you wish to bid on an animal raise your hand. Whether you buy or not, your bidding will help the sale. If you need help in bidding ask one of the assistants in the sale ring. The bidding will continue until a high bid is reached. The high bidder buys the animal.

If you want to participate in the bidding and purchase an animal, but are unable to attend the Sale, you may have a member of the Junior Livestock Committee handle this for you, and you will still receive the benefit of the buyer publicity if your bid was successful.

After you have successfully bid for an animal you will then be asked to give instructions for disposition of your animal. The options are:

  • Custom Process– Indicate to the auctioneer and clerk the name of the locker where you wish the animal delivered (we have arrangements with Otteman’s in Flaglr and Henschel’s in Kirk). You must call the locker with cut and wrap instructions, and you will pay the locker directly for those charges.
  • Floor plan:you will pay only for the difference between your bid and the floor plan price auctioned at the beginning of the sale as a contribution to the seller. Example: Steers weighs 1000 lbs. floor plan price = $.70 ($770); bid = $1.25 ($1375); difference= $605.00 (your share). This may also be done with lambs, hogs, and goats.

After the Sale

After the sale has ended please go see the sales clerk and pay for your purchases. If your company requires billing you can make arrangements with the sales clerk.

Reminder… It is your responsibility to contact your locker/butcher shop after the sale regarding cut and wrap instructions for the animal that you purchase.

2017 Buyers